At 1 Fish.fish, we gladly give our extraordinary Seafood to grant winning eateries and organizations with no trade off. We would be enchanted to chat with you and talk about working with you and your group. I have summed up the administrations that we can give underneath:

All out Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing and Delivery

Numerous individuals in our industry talk about practical and moral sourcing, however we let our activities represent us.

Except if an item satisfies our maintainability guidelines, we don't source until we can locate a suitable economical choice or if nothing else offer an incredible other option.

Moreover, we are bending over backward to limit the measure of bundling utilized while conveying, with an expanding number of our clients having their fish conveyed in fish boxes, evacuating the requirement for bundling.


Sea to Kitchen Convenience

We work with you to guarantee we convey to suit your requirements. Our expectation is that we will have the option to convey to you arranges during a period that is generally advantageous for you.

You will likewise profit by the extremely close to home assistance that we give.


Contact us today for bespoke arrangements with 1 Fish.fish.