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Lobster For 2

Lobster For 2

Weight : 1.2 kg

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What you'll receive:
2 x 0.6kg Lobster (cooked, split & cleaned)

Torbay lobster is widely recognised as being the very best in the Country and is something of a special, that sounds like a bold statement but we firmly believe our lobsters have the sweetest and richest taste available. We source our lobsters from small inshore day boats that fish the clear blue waters of the Torbay coast and are proud that we never have and never will import cheaper and inferior quality lobster than ours in Torbay
Treat yourselves to 2 x 0.6kg (live weight) British Lobster, cooked, split and cleaned ready to eat. Serves 4 as starters or 2 as a main meal.

Please note, if you choose the cooked option these generally loose approx 15% of their weight prior to the cooking process.

  • Pot-caught by day boats in Torbay
  • Excellent source of Omega 3 oils
  • All our Lobsters are landed and cooked on the day of dispatch meaning you receive the freshest lobster you've ever tasted.
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