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Sashimi AA Grade Tuna Loin (Line Caught)

Sashimi AA Grade Tuna Loin (Line Caught)

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Fresh Tuna loin AA Sashimi grade. This is a fantastic starter or main course , Line caught in the Maldives , simply slice thinly and squeeze either fresh lemon or lime and enjoy as a starter , or , Rub a small amount of olive oil on to the loin and place under the grill or Bar B Q , turn once it has cooked to within 3-5 mm of the centre. Best enjoyed with new potatoes and a fresh salad .

   The Tuna is shipped the same day as being landed to the uk via air freight, so this product will be delivered to your within 36hrs of being landed. The fishers use Rod and Line fishing methods to catch these fish and are fully traceable.

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